NAMI San Antonio Green Ribbon Challenge

We raised a 35 foot long green ribbon as we welcomed our community to join us in our efforts to fight stigma, bring awareness, and provide mental health education.
It was such a success that our green ribbon will be going on the road! Stay connected to see where the in the city our green ribbon goes next!
(below are some of the places it has traveled so far)
We know there are many other, creative, ways of using a green ribbon or displaying one! So… your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take every opportunity to creatively wear and display a green ribbon.Take the Green Ribbon Challenge! Show your support of mental health awareness throughout the year by sharing pictures of your creative use of a green ribbon. Don’t forget to tag NAMI San Antonio and your photo may be shared on our website!
Now we want to invite you to join our Green Ribbon Challenge by
getting creative in the ways you wear a green ribbon for awareness. Here are some tips below:
  • Tie up your hair
  • Lace up your shoes
  • Tie a green ribbon around a tree/pole/post
  • Wear one on your lapel, shirt, top, or jacket
  • Place it in a window
The possibilities are endless!


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